I was standing alone in the middle of the world,
Lots of people were appearing and disappearing,
But I felt alone, unable to touch them,
I cried and cried, and constantly asked for help but in this world no one stopped,
I was alone standing in the middle of the world,
Then one came and held my hand,
Took me to the others who helped me survive,
Fell in love with one of them and got rejected,
But don't worry, others took care of me,
They were the only miracle that happened to me,
But now they are not with me,
Now I am an able man and I always remember them,
I have the memories of them,
They all are precious to me,
Oh God! How can I describe them?


“Enough! I am going, I can’t tolerate you anymore.” she said. I was standing and I didn’t know what was happening. I had an alien feeling. I tried to utter some words. Trying to make myself conscious all over again. ” You can’t leave me like this, You know I can’t live without you. I LOVE YOU!” I said. She looked at me suspiciously like I was a Jew and she was a Nazi. Now, I was a little frightened. “I can’t stop, I just can’t live with you anymore” she said and picked her suitcase which she was packing all this time when we were arguing. She said “Goodbye” at the front door and I ran towards her to stop her. But it was too late , she slammed the door on my face. And I woke up.

“OH MY GOD!” I said. Now I know why I was feeling weird because it was a dream.  I am not married. I don’t even have a girlfriend. As soon as may eyes stuck to the clock I was tensed. It was already 9’o clock and I have to ready my foster child, Ron for his school. I hastily ran towards his room. To wake him up and ready him but he was not on his bed. And I saw blood all over the room, on the wall, on the ceiling, on his favorite pillow and on each and every thing that the room had. I went to search for him in the bathroom and what I  saw next was so horrifying that my whole body went cold, as if my heart had stopped beating. He was lying splited into small pieces like shreds of cloth which has been torn out forcefully. No thoughts came to my mind. I was blank. Suddenly from out of nowhere I saw a small swirl out of the cammod bowl and slowly slowly it grew in a gyrate. It was not water , it was something red. It was BLOOD. It was growing and growing , and gradually coming towards me. I stopped and took a deep breath and I ran so fast , so fast, like I was Usain Bolt trying to win a race. I was continuously turning my head back to look if it was still behind me or not. While I was looking back I strike with something very hard in front of me. Now my eyes were wide open but my vision was hazy.  


As soon as my vision got clear. I saw my mom standing next to me, her mouth wide open and with a cup of tea in her hands. I felt something sticky on my face and as I scraped it off , from my face i saw it was my parantha (breakfast) and felt stupid and nonsense for sleeping at this time. I took the cup of tea from her hands. I told her to bring me one more parantha. After looking at my clothes I am probably going to the office but i am still not sure if it is a dream or reality.


Right now I am not speaking,
Because she is slumbering,
How beautiful she is looking,
How pacific her eyes are,
Stillness on her face and her sensational lips,
Sound of her voice repeatedly playing in my head,
Few years back, How desperately I wanted her,
Now I know she is staying forever,
I know she is never going to shine, as she used to,
She is alive in my heart till my last breath,
She is dead for these people but not for me,
Her elegant smile approaching me through that darkness where she is stuck forever.


After attempting like a zillion times,
I still fail in my life,
Sometimes I think , I am having some kind of war with this world,
Where world is convinced that I am a failure in every aspect of my life,
And I am trying harder and harder to prove it wrong,
But about one thing I am absolutely sure,
This WORLD will LOOSE and there will be MY VICTORY.